MLB 9 Innings 17 App Reviews

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OutKast o3

Great game play it all day long

Fun game

I like the way the graphics are and this is why you should play this

Frustrating card draws

I have played this game from 9 innings 15. I have been a loyal follower, I even bought a new IPad just so I could play the new 3-D verson of the game. I have spent hundreds of dollars in game for player packs and stars. That being said I always end up super frustrated that I get a low level silver, gold players whenever I get a premium pack or Ultimate pack. I want to grow my team and get better but I’ve been stuck at a 86-88 team because I never get better players out of player packs even when I spend actual money to purchase them. This being the case I’m strongly considering removing the app and being done. I’m tired of spending money and getting absolutely nothing

Great game overall, but has issues.

I really like this game and the company of it. However, there is some issues I would like to point out to you guys. I believe there is a bug within the game itself. When a bunt occurs and it hits the line and goes into fair territory, the game considers it foul. Also, the game likes to lag a bit. This happens at the same time of the day within a 2-4min range. I hope this get fixed pretty soon. I also recommend having a 100 player roster so that we can have more flexibility with our player in-game. Thank you.

Com2us rocks it again

Best gaming apps are made by Com2us and this is just another great game. Making baseballs finest game!

Add the 2D version back

The 2D version was so much easier and so much more fun at least have both of the versions and not take out the 2D one


This game's graphics are so dope

MLB 9innings18

Great game love it so fun can relate to real life because it’s so realistic

The thaks

You are the best

Good fun

Gameplay is the best for a baseball game on a mobile device. Can’t get better

Great game

This game was a lot of fun before they got with MLB, but now that they are associated with them it makes the game even more real.

rip off

do not spend any money on this game!! screw Hive

Update sucked

Lasted update gives me illegal game status. Invalid amount of game balls ?? What the hell ! Invalid game status? Y am I not allowed to play ???

Conditioning players

There is one thing that is not working.... I can’t condition my players any more. It won’t allow me to.


Awesome game.



Fun game to play

It’s fun I’ve been playing for a while now every time I combine a card I haven’t got any good cards it’s all trash card or more card to combine just to get rid of it . I’ve combine lots of cards so far and no luck

Oh yeah

Great baseball game

Needs work

Ok it’s good but in the chat people are making it seem like a dating site.I love the gameplay so yeah also it says there’s a update for the game and I have to get it to play but when I looked for the update I could not find it so if you can please have the updates come for all devices if you can


There is so much going on in this game and so many pop ups. Also I just want to play with my team the way they are. I don’t care about getting all of these random players. Can’t get condition drinks to work. Normal players don’t improve... so how do I make my players not normal?? Also are there different difficulty settings cuz I keep putting up 15 or so hits a game and I don’t think I’m ever going to lose a game.


Love it


Best mobile baseball game ever, great graphics and fun.

Nice App, But Every App Can Be Better...

The app is awesome and all, but mainly this is what to fix it. One they can try to lessen the price for the players (with actual money) because other games have it for like $10 each. Also you should fix the easy ness of getting players, it’s kinda hard trying not to get a 60 ovr player. The game is awesome by my perspective though. People who are reading this should definitely play it!!!


In the depths of September I’m itching to play this game, hoping my play can divert my attention from my Cards loosing again to the dodgers, but...I keep receiving a text reference error? Help!!! Great game when it works. Want to re-write this review when issues are fixed

It is fun playing baseball

I like the realistic feel of the game

Love this game

I love this game. I used to play tap 2018 but I love this game. U can pitch and battle. Ty y’all for making a great game


Perfect game if you love Baseball.

Lost interest in this game

It is too rewarding and not competitive enough. There is not enough changes for a progressive game that does not reset for the beginning of the MLB season upgrade.


Muy buen juego la verdad !

Best mlb for the last 4years

Great game

It’s ok

I liked this game at first, trying to get higher players to up my overall. I would train players just to combine them and get someone better. But today I combined a 77 overall bronze, 79 overall silver, and a 75 overall gold. My combine, to my surprise didn’t go to the gold selection pack. It gave me a 56 overall!!! I don’t want to play this game anymore

Best baseball game

Favorite baseball game by far!

Cool game

I had been playing tap sports baseball 14,15,16 17 18 Decent game but I wanted to see if there any better games. Aside from the commentary, this game reminds of EA sports MVP baseball on PlayStation 2. Still playing in September. Can't wait for 2019 edition

Does not keep up to date

With trades or injured players. Playing still with a 2017 line up in September of 2018 even after they advertised a new update. And it is always trying to get me to buy something.

Great game!

I Love this game great graphics!

What is wrong

This game is awesome but you can’t trade with your friends.I want that changed.

Recent player

It would be better if you had the bat swing button in the center of the the plate rather than the side. I think it would help us users get actual hits instead SO MANY POP UP’S. Hope this helps.

Steal a base

The game is cool but no way to steal a base?

Cash Grab

Unless you are willing to spend a lot of money this game will frustrate you. Nothing is certain for your money and everything else ends up being “highest bidder.” If you have doubts notice that as soon as you open it up, you have to close several pages of game related adverts before you can play. This happens every page you open. You will never get diamond or legend players of your team once you select a team. If you do like I did, get all the players you wanted in your team and use a change tickets team, you won’t ever level them up unless you use real money to purchase stars to do most things in the game. Oh ya, it’s funny how your gold, diamond and legendary players are the worst players on the field. Big names like Altuva, Bellinger and Judge suddenly can’t connect. They always pop it up or barely tap it to the infield. One other thing. Now you have find a nickname to write a review that no one has!


This is the best baseball game ever


Con la nueva actualización, el fildeo de los equipos rivales en temporada hace casi imposible conectar un hit. La unica manera es conectar un home run.

Don’t waste your time

These people just want you to dump money into this game. It’s a complete waste of time and space.

screw this game

this game makes no sense. one time you have a great game and the other you can’t even put runs on the board. also you dominate the first two series in the playoffs and then you always lose in the last series screw this game🤬😡🤬🤬😡🤬

Super game


Game review

Great game. FA signing and card draws are a little rough.

Deben añadir que se pueda intercambiar jugadores entre los amigos y jugar con ellos directamente

Intercambio de jugadores con los amigos


Great game!!!!!!!

Best Game Ever

I been playing since 2016 Im hooked I play the whole 162 game season and playoffs I play where ever I can even. I get in trouble and I still have a social life but when Im i an uber on my way out Im playing.


Awesome Game and GFX

Great Game But...

The Auction House is completely useless I can’t sell my players and anyone worth buying either costs stars or a bajillion points, I understand that you guys need to make your money and all but making it impossible to get good players isn’t the way to do it

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