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It’s a great game but I wish that you could add a customize people section

Love it just a few suggestions

DEVELOPERS PLEASE READ As u see from my 5 star review i love the game. Its a great game, there are just a few things that need to be fixed. First i have been playing since the game came out in 2016 and i still have a team that is only rated 81. Personally i think that unless u spend money on the game it is very hard to get a great team. I think that it should be way easier to get a premium pack. I am not asking for all diamond packs and giving out the best cards in the game. I also understand that u guys have to make money. But obtaining just a gold card could take you months. The second thing is the fa market. I mean i have seen players there that have stars at 70 for the same price as some with 90. Also either make it easier to obtain stars or just lower the price or increase the chance of getting a player from this market because i am tired of buying a 300 star player with stats at 60. Another thing is if u close your device during a game in battle mode it counts as a loss and i would really like that to be changed mainly so that u dont have to play for an hour straight if u Dont want to forfiet. Also, please tell players of the tips and tricks that can help them fore instance if u pinch hit a player after the 5th inning all of their stats increased by 20%. With that being said it is a really good game and i will always have it. Ps: adding a mode where u can play other payers based on your rating-where it is not ranked would be sooo cool because u could develop a strategy for the ranked games

take 1 and 1/2 hour to download

Don’t get it takes long to download


Terrible game? All they want you to do is buy buy buy and then when your brand new they try to put you up against teams with 20 more overall . That’s called setting someone up for failure a**holes go f*** yourselfs

Best game ever

This game is my favorite

MLB 9 Innings

It is a really good game and is really fun and I recommend the game is


Such an amazing game the only thing that needs work is smoothness otherwise great


It takes to long to Load the game.🙁

The worst game

Worst game ever keeps glitching out I need a better upgrade


I love this game. It is so much fun!

Too much lagging

Great game... but it’s too much lagging... swinging at pitches real late or early....

Learning how to play

I enjoy playing this game. I wanna play head to head with someone. Is that and option on this game?

Good Game

I have been playing game for about 4 months. I really enjoy the game and play it almost everyday. I would recommend it for any Baseball Fan. The one thing I would advise against wasting your money on the upgrades and players packs. They rarely give good players or help your team significantly enough to justify spending money on. Really in my opinion if I could get my money refunded back for the money spent I would be happy.

So addicting

I love the game,I play it all the time I wish you could create your own player

Great game. But one thing.

Uniforms. Where are the alts haha

I love this even though they need to lower price on packs a lot

Good sometimes

Love this game

This game Is awesome

mlb 9 innings

i love this game it is so addicting if you are a baseball person.


Yeah the game is good for pretty good parts but the arcade mode has gone down hill on how it generates the throws and hits now. The first part that came out it was good then the update had made it go down hill fast.


This is a fantastic game. Well thought out and executed. The only thing I wish they would do is allow the managers to call for replays on close calls and argue with the umpires. Just to make it more realistic. But overall 5 stars!

Awesome Game

Yeah,It was a really good game.The Texas Rangers are pretty good.Yeah,That game was real tough for me

Great baseball game

Can’t ask for much more. I like it



Luv the game

Fun game!

Great game

I like this game because I like baseball. I play baseball in real life.

Good game

It’s a really good game. The only problem is if you have a silver or worse reliever in and your manually playing, you can’t get out of the inning unless you give up 5 runs. It just lost me a playoff game.

Good job

You made this a good and realistic as possible thanks for making this game


Game is awesome! It’s addictive!

Great game

This is awesome

Looking for a fun baseball game? MLB 18 is it. It has everything including good graphics.


5 Star all the way

It’s a great game I’ve only got the game today and I’m already having a great time!


Great game

Great game. Needs better rewards

Love this game. Been playing 9 innings since 2016. Keep coming back each season. Glad they got rid of the stupid cheerleader cards. Simple but fun style of game play. Home runs could be a little more realistic. Biggest problem is the player packs and rewards. Your work hard to earn points and stars (unless your annoying and spend a whole bunch of money to buy as many as you want) and then you finally buy a pack for 750 stars and in return, instead of a good player like you were hoping for, you get a slap in the face with a silver Colby Rasmus with his crappy .133 Avg. this kind of crap leaves you feeling robbed..... 🤔no...... violated. Yea that’s the emotion. Same thing when combining players. If I’m tossing a gold player into the combo, like a gold Albert Pujols I have zero use for, it should be an automatic gold player shuffle that comes up. Instead I get a bronze Bogaerts or Robles or some crap like that. Let’s go Com2Us. Fix this B.S. please. Other than this bogus ripoffulousness, it’s a lot of fun to play

Great game

But you need to fine tune the base running I've seen a lot of plays that should have been outside realistically


Cool game

I do not like part of this game.

So I got the game and I was starting to log in when it asked me to pick a team name. So I put in my dogs name Cosmo. Then it said that the word a restricted. So I put in all of the other names I could think of and it said they were a restricted. If your reading this make sure to think of a name with 15 of less letters. And it has to be the dumbest name ever.

Space is an issue

Enjoyed the game a lot and how they display fatigue in pitching but it kept updating and taking up more and more space up to the point that my phone didn’t have enough space so unless you have a new pone like an iPhone 7 or 8 it will just eat up space but otherwise good game

Simple, fun, but kind of unrealistic

This app is very simple, fun, and enjoyable. The card collecting aspect is very interesting and fun. Graphics are getting there. But there are some problems will the ball physics. I feel like I am popping up a fly ball all the time.... When you slide into bags, the animation is super slow and you are frequently tagged out. The gameplay needs some work, but it is fun, so I give it a 3/5.

I prefered back then.

I played the 9inning game when it was back in 2012-2014, I am not really sure. And even though the graphics were simple, the gameplay was great! I had 2 legendary players back then and many gold ones. I had a pretty good team and never spent one cent on it. I understand you guys are trying to make money, and I know that you do, because there are many pay-to-win players out there, and you still have profit. But these players aren't most of us. I believe you should invest in a game system with more equality between the players. Still, the ones who want to pay-to-win, can do so and have a freaking great roster. Just make it easier for "free-players" to have fun with a good roster as well. Thank you.


Me likie

Top game

Love playing this game

All stars

To all the all star players you are good


Great game! Love it!




Like this game a lot

No triples

I love the game but... I have never hit a triple or inside the park homer??? I can live with never hitting an inside the park homer, but in the many games I’ve played I have never come close to hitting a triple!

A great baseball game

This is one of the best baseball games I’ve ever played from the App Store. I think it’s a very interesting game to play. It’s kinda hard to find the earlier games in the 9INNINGS series. When’s the next update for this game? It’s been forever since the last update. Still a good game overall.

Good game

Fix the way stand


This game is insane, I enjoy every second of it, and it has taught me a lot of things of how the game works. I love it and thank you


Good game Just slow sometimes

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